Jesse Bannister - Play Out


17 Oct / 8:30pm | Wakefield Jazz
19 Oct / 3pm | Whitby Music Port
6 Nov / 8:30pm | Leeds Seven Arts
14 Nov / 7:30pm | Nottingham New Art Exchange
19 Nov / 7pm | Pizza Express London, Dean Street
22 Nov / 7pm | Pizza Express Maidstone
28 Nov / 8pm | Harrow Arts Centre
11 Dec / 8pm | Norwich Arts Centre

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Through a misty silence
Come the rays of light-
Shining along breaths golden pathway.

Dreamin Dreamin - Insight


Go quick and ride the searing wave;
The sky sculpting cloud.
Soar with the Clouds and catch yourself.



Caress my emerald eyes.
As the raindrops caress the trees.
Bring the children of the forest out to play,
Dance to the song of my lovers heart.

Quixotic Quixotic - Insight


Hear me
Though what I say is not true and clear,
Only see that I am seeking that which is not present.

Screaming Screaming - Insight

The Pearl

In the glistening purity of the
Pearl like water droplets-
See your own inner beauty.

The Pearl The Pearl - Insight


A joyous crying moment to
The inner power of music.

Kennergy Kennergy - Insight